How fast would your business grow if you optimized conversions at every stage of your customers’ journey?

Business conditions have changed for everyone and nothing will be like it used to be.

So you must approach your business differently and use new processes and tools to win.

The Powerglass Pipeline will effectively move your prospects quickly to revenue using unique marketing systems and relationship building techniques that increase conversions, drive next stage velocity, nurture community and create loyal lifetime clients.

The highlights of the 12 Powerglass Pipeline stages:

  1. Awareness – prospects learn of the problem and you
  2. Knowledge – collecting information and education
  3. Interest – beginning to sort through solutions
  4. Consider – understanding who can solve their problem
  5. Intent – selecting the right source and financial terms
  6. Buy – your prospect becomes your customer
  7. Enter – welcome, onboard and insure early success
  8. Expand – become a consultant and find new opportunities
  9. Exclusive – solve all client needs with your entire portfolio
  10. Loyalty – serving customers with value engenders loyalty
  11. Network – clients will refer and interact in community
  12. Evangelize – clients spontaneously tell other prospects

Now you can drive your business revenues and client loyalty using the Powerglass Pipeline Video Course, Audio Course and Powerglass Pipeline Playbook

  • You will learn new processes, techniques and tools you can use for each stage of your customers’ journey

  • This course uses experiential learning techniques that will accelerate your learning that you can put into action immediately
  • You will create you own unique Powerglass Pipeline Playbook that will give you the exact strategies, roadmap and tasks your team needs to implement to grow your business

Yes – I Want to Drive My Revenue Growth and Create Loyal Clients