Fanatical Customers Come from Serving Not Selling

It is critical that you flip your focus from Selling (all about you) to Serving (all about your customer). To turn Prospects into new Customers into lifetime Clients, you must utilize a system that drives this new perspective. There are precise steps that must be executed in a specific order. Seat-of-the-pants of selling does not work any longer. Your prospects now come to you fully educated on your products and services. So selling is now serving by advising how to select and implement the correct solution to their problem and guide them to realize their Target Outcome goal.


QUEST Selling is a powerful yet simple system that enables your sales team to develop long term client relationships. Instituting this process into your marketing and sales organization. These are the key components:

  1. Target Outcome – this statement is constructed from your Customer’s point of view. How will their problem of today be solved by a target date realizing a target financial return.
  2. Questions – asking questions to fully understand the challenges of your prospects, customers and clients.
  3. Unmet Needs – as you ask questions you uncover problems that are unmet, unique and unanswered needs. These are key components of creating the ideal solution.
  4. Expectations – identify everyone involved in the purchase decision process. All the customer stakeholders, your company members, partners and even competition.
  5. Solution – now that you understand the customer’s Target Outcome, Unmet/Unique/Unfulfilled needs and everyone’s expectations, you can create the ideal solution.
  6. Tasks – an acronym for Time, Accountability, Steps and Keep Score identifies the Tasks to deliver the solutio.n
  7. Win/Win Close – Success is measured in the attainment of the Customers Target Outcome where meaningful ROI is attained.