We Customize 3 Flexible Services Models to Deliver Your 2020 Goals


  • Do-It-Yourself model
  • Determine areas to be improved
  • Select a Target Outcome Course
  • Complete Course
  • Apply knowledge learned to business areas to be improved
  • Identify next area and take course


  • Do-It-With-You model
  • Run a Marketing baseline assessment
  • Create custom Coaching Program using TargetOutcome solutions
  • Create Milestone based Project Plan
  • Client executes plan and results
  • Identify Next Steps and Action Plans

Fractional CMO

  • Do-It-For-You model
  • Determine your Target Outcome
  • Create custom FCMO Program using TargetOutcome solutions
  • Work on-site as Marketing Leader executing the program and results
  • Identify Next Steps and Action Plans

Phase 1: Strategy Traction

Not sure where you need help? Then why not order our Strategy Traction Audit. Trust us, this exercise alone will get you thinking differently and more productively about your Go-To-Market strategy! Once we receive your on-line audit response, we will analyze your information. Then we set up a time on the phone or in person with you so you can tell us a bit more about you and your company. At this one hour meeting, we will share some insights on where the opportunities lie to improve your marketing and answer any questions you might have.

$250 one time fee (credited when you order a StratPlan Workshop)

Ideal for companies that want have a solid understanding of their business goals, target market and competitive position. Over the course of 30 days, we will:

  • Review the Strategy Traction Baseline Audit or Conduct Audit/review
  • Strategy workshop using Strategy Traction framework and StratPlan ask the right questions
  • Research missing information identified in Strategy workshop
  • Complete StratPlan and create Strategy Execution Tasks Plan with team members

$4800-$7000 (depending on size and complexity of company) for the Workshop and Deliverables

The TargetOutcome team will work with you and your staff on a biweekly basis to track the progress you are making toward the objectives identified in your StratPlan. This oversight drives accountability and task date completion. We will identify areas that are off-track and suggest correction methods.

$1000 per month for 6 months

Phase 2: Story Roadmap

What is the status of your Go To Market? We will use the Story Roadmap Assessment tool to document your current situation.

  • Who are your Ideal Customers and what are their personas
  • What are your Prospects key pains and challenges
  • How do you uniquely solve their key pains
  • How are your prospects searching for help
  • What content to you have to help them
  • How are you delivering your 0utbound messages
  • How are you conducting your Inbound marketing

This is a two hour meeting with a resulting report

Fee: $350 for assessment and report

Using the Story Roadmap system over a period of 30 days we will work onsite about 10 hours per week

  • Discuss and document all the facets of the Story Roadmap System.

$4800 for the Workshops and Report

The TargetOutcome team will work biweekly with the Clients marketing team to review your Story Roadmap plan execution, identify issues and provide solutions.

Fee – $1000/month with a 3 month minimum commitment

Phase 3: Powerglass Pipeline and Predictable Revenue Machine

Together we will identify your current marketing and sales process, systems, techniques and tools.

  • Document your end-to-end marketing and sales TechStack – CRM, Marketing Automation, Website, Social Media, Content Creation, Video, Webinars, Analytics, Tracking,
  • Determine your prospect funnel, pipeline management, customer journey status

$850 per month (min. 4 month commitment)

Using the Story Roadmap system we ill

$2500 for a publication up to 15 pages in length

This package includes:

  • Marketing System Tune UP
  • Project Management
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Up to 7 pages of Key Content Development
  • 1 Landing Page Template
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Setting up of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Weekly Reporting
  • Training of back end CMS

Starting at $3000 for website and $500/month operating costs

Phase 4: Serving Customers and QUEST Selling

Using the TargetOutcome Serving Assessment Tool, we will baseline how well your current marketing and sales processes serve your customers. This initial assessment will identify the key areas of strength and weakness in all 4S areas – Strategy, Story, Structures and Serving

$1800 for Audit, Report and Recommendations

Train Sales staff in QUEST Selling System process and techniques

$2800 in month 1 and $500 per month for 3 months for follow-up meetings and actions

Train Sales staff in QUEST Selling System process and techniques

$2800 in month 1 and $500 per month for 3 months for follow-up meetings and actions

Phase 5: Fractional CMO Engagement

TargetOutcome serves growing tech, software and manufacturing companies (generally $5M – $100M in revenue) who need increased marketing proficiency to drive new leads, predictable sales and loyal clients. Our ideal clients are the Leadership Teams who are ready to make marketing a sustained, strategic, sales-aligned aspect of their business. For these companies, we become an extension of the leadership team as the VP of Marketing averaging 10 hours per week.

We help our clients develop their marketing positioning, processes, team, and tools so that they are well-equipped to drive sustainable growth well into the future. We do this through our exclusive 4S RevEngine™ approach, which is powered by our advanced systems for: Strategy , Story, Structure and Serving.

$5,000/mo. Minimum 6 month commitment.