Story Roadmap Creates and Tells Your Compelling Value

How do You Become Relevant and Trusted by Your Ideal Customers?

Creating your compelling story is hard work. Then delivering your story is even harder work. The Story Roadmap System makes the job much easier using these 6 Main Elements:

  1. First identify your Strategy, Target Markets, and Ideal Customers
  2. Detail your Ideal Customer Personas and create your unique Story of how you solve their challenges
  3. Create your Story Content to be used in various forms of media
  4. Tell you story across many channels – web, video, social, ads, PR, partners
  5. Nurture your Customers to become Fanatical Clients using loyalty programs and a consulting mindset
  6. Measure all your Key Performance Indicators and repeat the process

How the Story Roadmap is Structured and Delivered

The Story Roadmap is a step-by-step program that utilizes training materials, videos and software tools. The Story Roadmap System is constructed as a Do-It-Yourself tool suite or Target Outcome consultants can be utilized to accelerate the process.

Results Can You Expect From Using the Story Roadmap

You will understand your Ideal Customers’ Needs, Expectations, Hot Buttons and their Purchase Process. This information will drive your Marketing message, approach and content in order to Engage and Educate. New customers will find you faster, the sales process will be accelerated, you will increase you wallet-share at existing customers and provide the impetus for customers to become Fanatical Lifetime Clients.

What is the Return on the Story Roadmap Investment?

Using the Story Roadmap System you will create new customer revenue and additional revenue from existing customers faster than you do today. You see increased revenues come in sooner. Typical ROI break even on the Story Roadmap System is normally only a few months.