The 3 Wills and the 3 Hows is a fundamental set of questions that your customers will ask and you need to answer better than your competitors:

  1. Will you Save me money?
  2. Will you Make me money?
  3. Will you Bring me New Opportunities?

and then for each:

  1. How Much?
  2. How Soon?
  3. How Sure?

Notice that the Wills and Hows are listed in a priority order.  People are more concerned with saving money, over making money over finding new opportunities.  How Much (Money)  is saved/earned has heavier weight over How Soon (Time) over How Sure (Risk).

Understanding and documenting the 3 Wills and 3 Hows is an extremely important component of your Unique Value Proposition. Even if you do something no one else in the does, your customers will ask the 3 Wills and 3 Hows to validate their purchase.