The 10C’s of Marketing

There are 10 key Marketing areas you must address in this order:

  1. Customer – Describe your Ideal Customer – what is their personality, their behaviors, where they reside, how would you communicate with them.
  2. Challenges – What are their challenges, issues, pain points and/or desires
  3. Claim – How do you solve their Challenges in the form of “We help our Ideal Customers solve their Challenges so that they have this Successful Outcome.
  4. Commonality – Describe how you have been in their situation and understand their Challenge.
  5. Credibility – Describe your skills, experience and capabilities that demonstrate you have solved these Challenges for other customers.
  6. Choice – Describe to your customer why your solution is the right and obvious choice to solve their Challenge.
  7. Concerns – List all the concerns your customer might have about your solution  and describe how you resolve each concern.
  8. Comparison – Identify all the other ways your customer could solve their challenge and provide convincing evidence that your solution is the right choice.
  9. Close – Create a trusted relationship with your customer and provide your solution in ways that exceed your customers’ expectations.
  10. Collaborate – Once your customer has purchased your solution, you work to develop a life-time relationship where the customer is loyal and refers you to others.

Once you have documented your 10C’s you will be ready to create your Story and Marketing Messages you will use in your communications and collaterals.