7R’s Customer Lifecycle

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7R’s Customer Lifecycle

The Customer lifecycle from Introduction to Loyal Referrer

Your marketing and sales efforts begin at the moment your customer becomes discontented and continues throughout the lifetime of your relationship.

  1. Referrals – Prospects search the Web and ask others for “Who can best solve my challenge?”
  2. Research – Prospects compile a list of potential solution sources and vendors.
  3. Readiness – The Prospect is now ready to purchase from you. Ease of purchase is essential.
  4. Relationship – The Prospect is now a Customer.  The buying experience must exceed expectations.
  5. Reliability – Your product/service must  at a minimum fulfill the promises made prior purchase. High quality is important in every part of the customer experience.
  6. Responsiveness – When your Customer communicates an issue, problem or provides feedback it is important to respond quickly and resolve the issue to their satisfaction.
  7. Repurchase – When the first 6 R’s are done correctly your customers will come back to purchase again and again. You also have the opportunity to upsell/downsell your other products to a loyal customer.

And then your loyal customer begins the cycle again referring you to other prospects who then become qualified leads who often jump directly to the Readiness stage.

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