I recently reached out to all my LinkedIn 1st level connections to seek their advice on my new start-up. After 30 years of experience successfully developing, marketing and selling new products, I have launched a Strategy & Marketing Systems company called Target Outcome.

Target Outcome is dedicated to helping Tech Companies accelerate their revenues using an innovative framework of Strategy, Structure and Selling systems. We chose our name specifically to reflect the mission of enabling our clients to realize their strategic and financial Target Outcome.

The 3 key systems in the Target Outcome framework are:


The VeriLens System is a multi-step process that drives the creation of Coherent Strategy, Ideal Customer Avatar, Market Positioning, and Unique Story.

The RevFunnels System puts in place the Marketing Systems structure – Content, Keywords, Marketing enabled website, SEO, Email Autoresponder, Lead Generation, PR, Inbound/Outbound Marketing mix and Social. RevFunnels utilizes two innovative Target Outcome proprietary funnel systems – Ask Funnels and Value Ladder Funnels.

The QUEST Selling System is an optimized sales process that integrates with the VeriLens and RevFunnels systems and focuses on how to ask the right questions to get the right answers to accelerate revenues. QUEST stands for Questions, Unmet Needs, Expectations, Strategy and Tasks. This system integrates easily with CRMs such as Salesforce.com.

With this brief overview in mind, I would like to get your insights and advice concerning key marketing challenges your company is facing, what steps your team is facing, and how Target Outcome solutions might be appropriate for your company.

To make it easy to give me your thoughts, I have created a very short survey (using an Ask Funnel). Click here for the couple of questions>>

I really appreciate your advice and support. Once I receive the survey inputs, I will summarize all the responses in a follow-up email to everyone. Thanks!

All the BEST,
Steve Grady
Managing Partner Target Outcome